Mark Davies

Mark Davies is a LICENSED, BONDED and INSURED outfitter.

Mark Davies Guide Service, Inc. is an equal opportunity service provider and employer.

About Mark Davies

Mark is a second generation licensed professional guide and outfitter, continuing the traditions of his father who started the business in 1958.

With his 35+ years experience, Mark will give you the best hunt possible.  His lifetime of experience will give you the experience of a lifetime!

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In the event you cannot reach Mark, you may contact or Marilyn Davies-Forest ServiceAlbert, Loma, CO, at home at (970) 858-7079 or cell at (970) 640-0555 for additional information.

Mark Davies is a LICENSED, BONDED and INSURED outfitter and an Equal Opportunity Employer operating under Special Use permits from the US Forest Service for the White River and the Gunnison National Forests, and the Bureau of Land Management.


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30 Day Guide Training

Ask about our 30 day GUIDE TRAINING – working along with a trained guide.  We offer this to maintain our own staff.

We do not train for other outfitters, nor do we claim to be a Guide School.


After deciding to book a wild game hunt out west with my hunting buddy, we weren’t quite sure how or where to begin. We began our search for an outfitter/guide service by checking Internet sources, talking to other hunters, and attending hunting expos. We ran into a multitude of options, prices, and places for a possible elk hunt. The more we learned, the more confused we became. Our search was filled with meeting lots of personalities and egos. Often it was difficult to discern fact from fiction when talking to many of the outfitters or guides.

We happened to run into Mark Davies at the Field and Stream Deer and Turkey Expo. Mark was very straight forward. He didn’t seem real flashy like some of the other outfitters and this seemed to sit well with us. Mark was booking hunts that he would guide personally and wanted to tailor it for our needs. He collected our contact information and the type of hunt we were looking to book. We both were very comfortable with Mark’s approach and the way he treated us at the show. He seemed to be the correct fit for what we wanted.

Not long after we had decided to book our hunt with Mark for the following year, we received a call from Mark. The call was to let us know of an opening for a hunt the coming Fall. Our concern was whether or not we could get everything in order with such little time. Mark assured us that he would take care of all the necessary paperwork if we were interested. We agreed to book the guided hunt for that year and it turned out to be a great decision. As promised, Mark took care of getting our permits and all we needed to do was get ready to hunt elk.

The road trip from Akron, Ohio to Colorado and back with my good friend Larry was a great experience in itself. Our anticipation of what might happen, our discussions of how the hunt might go, and certainly our talking about the likelihood of successfully shooting a bull elk all contributed to the tales of our adventure. However, nothing quite compares to the first morning of our hunt. Mark put us on the path of a couple of bulls shortly after first light. We were tracking after a couple of shooters and then it all happened in a matter of seconds. Running to get into position, all I remember hearing was “Take the shot! Take the shot!” It is difficult to describe the feeling of a successful shot and then kneeling next to such a majestic animal. Thinking back to that moment of elation brings a smile to my face every time. What a morning, what a week, what an experience! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t reflect on our big-game hunting trip in The Colorado Rockies.

Looking back on the hunting experience, it is very apparent that Mark knew his hunting territory and knew where the elk were located. We were hunting a vast area in the National Forest at approximately 10,000 feet and only once did we see another hunting party during our time in the woods. Mark and his guides were very knowledgeable of the land and terrain, making me feel very comfortable as well as safe while out hunting. Mark proved to be the expert guide and outfitter that we were looking to find for our hunt. He took care of every detail before, during, and after our hunt. I’m looking forward to another Elk hunt in the near future and my next hunt in The Colorado Rockies will be booked with Mark Davies Guide Service. Robert J. Zupke

Akron, OH 44313

I hunted with Mark Davies and got my first Bull elk. It was a good hunt, got my Bull the first day. Later I went back on a lion hunt I got an 8′ Tom.
He has gentle horses and is very knowledgeable of the area he hunts.
Mark along with his guides work very hard to get your animal.
Dale M. from Tennessee

My hunting partner and I have gone two years in a row to Mark Davies outfitter service. The first year, both of the hunters got a large elk on the very first morning. Mark took care of us on both hunts with good, experienced, professional guides.

I found a lifetime of memories. The camp was nice and friendly with great memories of hunting in the Rockies with my hunting friend from Alabama. Food was good. We plan to go again next year to this beautiful area for another successful hunt. Larry and Frank from Alabama

I have had the privilege of Elk/mule deer hunting with Mark Davies on 6 separate occasions.  I have hunted with other guides but when it comes to Elk I would not consider hunting with anyone other than Mark. If you’re looking for fair chase, the opportunity to experience wilderness hunting in the Rockies with a professional that can put you in the right place at the right time then Mark is your man.  On every hunt I was presented with the opportunity to harvest a mature bull. I saw sights that few men have the opportunity to see and experienced true Elk hunting at its finest.  His stock, assistant guides, camp help and facilities were excellent, just what you want for a true elk hunt.

I will be happy to discuss all these hunts with anyone interested in contacting me.


Dean Welch

Retired Vice President, Cox Newspapers

Atlanta, GA or 404-217-0431 C. Dean Welch

Vice President (Retired), Cox Newspapers

I was very fortunate to meet Mark Davies at an Outdoor Expo held in Columbus, Ohio in the spring of 2014. My friend, Bob, and I were searching for the opportunity to do a Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt. We talked to many outfitters and decided that Mark was the guy for us.
Mark Davies is a straight talking, honest guy who offers the best possible experience for the hunters who arrive in his camp. He does not promise that you will harvest the bull of a lifetime because guarantees are not possible in the hunting experience. He does offer the experience of a lifetime with experienced, knowledgeable guides who work very hard to get you on an elk.

Bob was put in a situation where he was able to get a shot on his bull at 8:30 AM on the first day of the hunt. He was successful and we brought home a huge cooler of delicious meet, a cape and antlers for the taxidermist and pictures and memories that will last for a lifetime. Two others bulls were also taken from our camp on the first day of the hunt.

The camp staff then began to focus on the hunters in camp that had not tagged out. I saw elk on every day I was out in the field and was within fifty yards of two legal bulls on two separate days. I saw two herds of elk on the other two days that numbered conservatively thirty and sixty elk with at least three legal bulls in each group. I chose to be an ethical hunter and not throw lead at running bulls.

I was not successful in the sense that I did not kill a bull, but the experience that drew me to the great Rocky Mountains was exactly as promised. The daily horseback journey up the mountain, camping in tents, good food and a friend to share the experience was everything I had hoped it would be.

I would highly recommend Mark Davies as the best outfitter Bob and I interviewed for our bucket list hunt of a lifetime. I recommend him so highly that I will be back in his camp this fall. You are welcome to call me at home in Ohio if you have questions about my experience.

Larry Petry 330-798-5580 Larry Petry

I have bow-hunted with Davies Guide Service for Bear, Elk and Mountain Lion. The first time I met Mark he was about 12 years old helping his father at camp on the weekends. He has been guiding his entire life. He is very good at his job and over 40 years certainly knows the terrain and the habits of the animals which he pursues. His dedication to hunter safety, following the written and spirit of the hunting regulations along with relentless fair pursuit stand out in my experience with him. I trust him. This is a difficult business and his longevity in it speaks volumes about the quality, content and character of his guide service. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Larry Beckwith, Westerville, Ohio (cell:614-204-9666) Larry Beckwith